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Our community hub is a space to learn, grow together and foster positive relationships that help cultivate young people’s potential and aspirations, leading to better life opportunities.

NTMY Lab supports young people by engaging them with a number of both academic and extracurricular activities. These help in developing the skills, confidence and sense of belonging necessary in such a difficult phase of their life. We have an ultimate goal of reducing behavioural issues, educational disengagement and school exclusions. As part of NTMY Lab, students can take part in art workshops, gardening, dance, boxing, crafting and a range of other sport and educational after school programmes.

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Our Community Space

As part of our commitment to bringing people together, fostering positive development and increasing access for all, NTMY has developed a shared space in the town Collazzone, near Perugia.

More than 15 desks over 2 floors and communal meeting rooms, the space is open to all. From entrepreneurs and small businesses who need a place to grow, to schools or educators looking for a safe, high quality space to organise events that support positive development, everyone is welcome!

Who we partner with


Mayor’s Fund for London – Access Aspiration

NTMY is a proud supporter of Access Aspiration, the Mayor’s Fund for London’s flagship employability programme aiming to increase social mobility and removing barriers to access both higher education and employment.

NTMY’s support will help to provide young Londoners from disadvantaged and minority ethnic backgrounds with new skills and networks and work to improve their access into work or introduce them to different career options at a point in their life when they are making crucial decisions about their future.

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Since May 2019 NTMY has developed a partnership with Tuendelee, a Kenya based-charity supporting tertiary education. The foundation aims at supporting talented students in pursuing quality tertiary education with a focus on accounting and finance topics.

Our contributions have funded full school fees for a number of talented students. Additionally, NTMY’s members are providing mentoring sessions to Tuendelee beneficiaries and and we are currently exploring the possibility of staring an internship programme.

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Raise Your Hands

NTMY supports Raise Your Hands foundation (RYH), who help children and young people overcome barriers to learning, through sports or art. Founded in 2014, RYH’s mission is to provide a sustainable source of funding for exceptional small charities who focus on working with young people.

NTMY donations have enabled a number of young people to join the various RYH supported programmes, improving both their academic engagement as well as their interpersonal skills.

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