Our mission

Improve access to education, remove barriers to learning, guarantee equal opportunities for all and enhance possibilities for change. Our mission? CUT THE GAP.

We believe in education as a force for good. Our goal is to bring young people together, regardless of their background, and foster their potential. Help them cultivate relationships to drive positive development and increase social mobility and overcome inequalities and improve their possibilities for change.

Our story

Since 2019, NTMY Foundation is the non-profit charitable organisation managed by Atypical Partner.

By being part of the Atypical Partner (AP) umbrella, NTMY benefits from dedicate resources and a solid growth platform to achieve a meaningful impact.

Currently AP supports NTMY under the programme “AP for Social”, a dedicated social programme operated in partnership with AP’s close advisors thanks to voluntary contribution. AP always matches any donations received.

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Who we are

Mauro Moretti

Founder & Chairman


Barbara Roversi

Managing Director

Leks de boer

Leks de Boer

Board Member

Michele Prencipe

Michele Prencipe

Board Member


Elodie Sibony

Branding & Communication Director

Jackie Donnina

Jackie Donnina